So here’s the question, “Why would YOU choose skishing over surfcasting from shore in waders?”

The answer for me is multi-faceted.

Some skishers will say, “I skish to get away from the billion morons on shore.”  I must say I strongly disagree with that mentality, and it saddens me that this philosophy is one that is being thrust to the forefront as a primary reason for skishing.  True, skishing does put some distance between you and the more conventional surfcaster, but to use that as your primary reason for skishing is a small minded and haughty position to take, in my opinion.

Whatever happened to the attitude of helpfulness and mentorship?  Why allow yourself to become so jaded toward those who prefer to keep their feet on the rocks or sand that you look down on them as somehow inferior to you?  For me at least, that is NOT what skishing is about!!

For me, skishing is about many things that have absolutely nothing to do with feeling like I have to get away from other surfcasters in order feel better about myself.  It’s about pitting myself and my abilities against the power of the sea.  It’s about the serenity of floating along, weightless in the darkness, and feeling current and the waves roll under me, knowing that at any time a battle could begin.  It’s about the thrill of fighting a fish in its own environment, and winning.  It’s about putting myself in a position to work productive sections of shoreline and submerged reefs from a different angle, or which would be inaccessible to me in waders or by boat.  It’s about reaching the blitz that is beyond casting range from shore.  It’s about being able to release caught fish in the best possible condition with a minimal amount of handling.  This is what skishing is all about to me.

Skishing is not always the most productive approach to surfcasting in some areas or in some conditions, and I have nothing against donning the waders and dry top instead of the wetsuit in some situations.  The choice has nothing to do with how I feel about other surfcasters in the area, nor is it an elitist or hostile attitude that drives me to don the wetsuit and go for a swim.  Some of my closest surfcasting friends are not skishers, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

My goal, and the whole point of , is to provide a balanced and realistic view of skishing in New England waters, and to help (to the best of my ability) those who decide to get into skishing to do so as safely and as well prepared as possible.

Skishing the Montauk Blitz (Bonus video)

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